In a nutshell, the Office of Construction and Real Estate (OCRE) is responsible for all of the non-cash assets of the Diocese of San Bernardino.

Primarily, OCRE ministers to the construction and real estate needs in the Diocese.

The staff of OCRE works jointly with:

  • Diocesan Building Committee (DBC)
  • Financial Review Committee
  • Facilities Needs Evaluation Committee
  • Liturgical Subcommittee of the DBC
  • Technology Subcommittee of the DBC
  • Catholic School Subcommittee of the DBC.

Working with the members of these consultative committees, the staff of the Office of Construction and Real Estate serves as a resource to our parishes and schools as well as serving as advisory to Bishop Barnes, using our expertise in the fields of construction, real estate, architecture, engineering, real estate development, finance, education, liturgy and the technology fields of telecommunication, computers, sound systems and lighting systems .